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Sterling Way Wellness Programs

At Sterling Estates, we will encourage your parent to do everything possible to maintain and improve his or her health and mental well-being. Our Sterling staff will provide them with support, counsel, and professionally designed testing and training programs that will help them meet or exceed their wellness goals. 

Whether your parent is in Independent Living or Assisted Living, he or she will undergo an initial assessment so that we can create an individualized Wellness Plan. This Plan is created in concert with your parent—we take into account not just your parent’s needs, but also his or her personal wellness goals. The program can start with basic activity classes or one-on-training to meet specific objectives. This Wellness Plan is communicated and reviewed by your parent’s physician, if appropriate, before it’s implemented. We’re proud of the results we’ve been able to help our residents achieve. If you’d like to read a case study, please click here

Our 5,000 square foot Wellness Centers have all of the equipment and facilities necessary for one-on-one training and basic activity classes. Just a few of the areas that we can work on with your parent are walking, strength, balance, stroke recovery, post-surgical rehabilitation, and reduction of Parkinsonian syndrome symptoms. 

We do everything possible to make achieving and maintaining Wellness a pleasurable experience for your parent. That’s why we offer a wide variety of classes. Your parent will be able to “enjoy the journey” while making new friends and reaching health goals. Some of our most popular exercise classes are Sittersize Seated Chair Aerobics, Chair or Gentle Yoga, Dance Fitness, Water Aerobics,  CTSB (circuit training and strength building), BioDex Balance Challenge (helps increase control and balance), and the Dakim Brain Fitness Program. If you’d like to learn more about the Wellness Center, please click here.

Our approach to Wellness is holistic, encompassing mind, body, and spirit. A Sterling Life is one of renewal and discovery. We want your parent to age successfully and gracefully. Making certain that your parent has exposure to a wide variety of lectures, educational programs, and interesting outings is just as important as working out in the Wellness Center or swimming in the pool. Our Dining Program also plays an important role. The nutritious, good-tasting meals our chefs prepare are always made with fresh ingredients. We think that our residents will attest to the quality and variety of meals we serve. If you’d like to view a sample menu, please click here.

There are no “one size fits all” solutions to reaching the wellness goals that will allow your parent to lead a Sterling Life. We suggest that you make an appointment to come in with your parent so we can discuss appropriate programs and goals. Please call to talk with us.

For more information, please call us at 770-658-9414.

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